4 Most Common Scenarios to Deploy MS Power BI

Have you ever felt like you knew something so well, yet one day, you realise you don’t know it that well after some time? That was exactly how I felt when reading about MS Power BI after not touching the tool for a while.

I gotta admit I have forgotten a few things. And since Microsoft has been doing an awesome job in rolling out new features months after months, it definitely felt like the first day when I excitedly touched the tool. But this time, it’s all about unlearning what I have learned and take a look at the tool from a fresh viewpoint. So here is a few takeaways I have summarised into infographics based on the content from Microsoft whitepaper. Enjoy!

As you can see from the above infographics, there are plenty of components within Power BI Suite. But how do we arrange them together to get the reports that we want? Well, first, let’s try to understand exactly what we want by examining the 4 most common scenarios when deploying MS Power BI.

And here is how different components of Power BI Suite can be arranged together to cater to each of the above-mentioned deployment scenarios.

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