Take chances, try out new things, learn from mistakes and that’s how I have been growing.

Machine Learning/ Binary Classification

Predict Next-Day Rain in Australia

Between Google BigQueryML and Python scikit-learn, which approach can help to predict whether it will rain tomorrow with better accuracy and speed?

Skills: Python (pandas, scipy, scikit-learn), EDA, Supervised ML, Hypothesis Testing, Google BigQueryML

Deliverables: Blog Post, GitHub

Data Integration (ETL)

Build ETL Data Pipeline on GCP

Built an ETL data pipelines to calculate the total number of COVID-19 cases and deaths per 100,000 populations across all countries from datasets stored in BigQuery and Cloud Storage

Skills: Data Engineering, Google Cloud Data Fusion

Deliverables: Blog Post

Data Cleansing

US Monthly Retail Trade

Imported and merged multiple Excel sheets (containing monthly retail trade sales statistics from 1992 to 2020) into 1 DataFrame, then cleansed and unpivoted the DataFrame with pandas for Tableau visualisation.

Skills: Data Wrangling, Data Cleansing, Python (pandas, numpy), Tableau

Deliverables: DataViz, GitHub

Data Warehouse

Arrays and Structs in BigQuery

Explored arrays and structs for storing nested and repeated data to improve query performance for data warehouse

Skills: SQL, Google BigQuery

Deliverables: Blog Post

Data Visualisation/ Tableau

Banking Finance Dashboard

Visualised a bank’s key financial ratios in the current financial year versus the previous year, together with a five-year trend in the same dashboard

Skills: Tableau

Deliverables: DataViz, GitHub

Data Visualisation/ MS Power BI

Sales Performance Monitoring

Designed a report to track actual sales against target sales across product categories for performance monitoring

Skills: MS Power BI

Deliverables: DataViz

Relational Databases

Explore Chocolate Dataset with SQL

Imported CSV file into MySQL Workbench and performed simple SQL queries to assess the data quality and determine which chocolate bars are worth buying according to experts’ ratings

Skills: MySQL, Data Analysis

Deliverables: Blog Post

Relational Databases

Create MySQL Triggers

Created a simplified sales order database, implemented and tested a trigger for blocking customers who have not paid on time.

Skills: MySQL, Database Design & Testing

Deliverables: Blog Post