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Finance Dashboard – Banking

Who says financial statement has to always be in tabular format?

It’s Tea Time

Introducing the history of tea via an interactive dashboard in Tableau

4 Most Common Scenarios to Deploy MS Power BI

And how different components of Power BI Suite should be arranged to make each scenario work like a charm

Sales Performance Dashboard

A simple dashboard to track whether a company is on track to meet the sales target

A quick look at Big Data Ecosystem

Here is my take on the components and indicative tools which form the Big Data Ecosystem.

Exploratory Data Analysis with Python for Absolute Beginners

A super gentle introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis to jumpstart our understanding about any dataset

Topic Modelling for Absolute Beginners

How to kickstart your first topic modelling project ever

How to frame business questions into data mining tasks?

When dealing with messy data and unchartered waters, it’s important to have a clear plan in mind.

The Why and How of MySQL Triggers (Part 2/2)

How to create a database trigger to automatically block unwanted sales orders from entering your system

The Why and How of MySQL Triggers (Part 1/2)

Struggle big time with MySQL Trigger? Let me help you get the concept right in 5 minutes