A selection of my favourite projects and writings by topics and technologies

Data Integration

Google Cloud Data Fusion

Built an ETL data pipelines to calculate the total number of COVID-19 cases and deaths per 100,000 populations across all countries from datasets stored in BigQuery and Cloud Storage

Data Cleansing & Analysis

Google BigQuery

Practised complex SQL queries and explored advanced BigQuery features such as query table metadata (to determine suitable tables for analysis), arrays and structs (for storing nested and repeated data to improve query performance) and HyperLogLog algorithm (for counting the number of unique elements)


Data Cleansing

Imported and merged multiple Excel sheets (containing monthly retail trade sales statistics from 1992 to 2020) into 1 DataFrame, then cleansed and unpivoted the DataFrame with pandas for Tableau visualisation.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Performed exploratory data analysis on a Kaggle marketing campaign dataset with Python (pandas, numpy, seaborn, missingno)

Data Visualisation


Finance Dashboard (Banking)

Used Python (tabular-py, pandas) and Tableau to create a dashboard showcasing a bank’s key financial ratios in the current financial year versus the previous year and a five-year summary

Movie Storyboard (Entertainments)

Visualised interesting facts (commercial success, ratings, chronology and character appearances) of The Conjuring Universe, one of the most famous horror franchise.

Microsoft Power BI

Sales Performance Dashboard (Ecommerce)

Built a dashboard to track actual sales against target sales across product categories for performance monitoring and timely intervention.

4 Most Common Scenarios to Deploy Power BI

Designed simple infographics to explain key components of MS Power BI Suite and how to arrange them together for 4 different deployment scenarios (based on number of users and the extent of collaboration when developing reports)



Create and test MySQL Triggers

Created a simplified sales order database, implemented and tested a trigger for blocking customers who have not paid on time in MySQL

SQL Queries with MySQL Workbench

Imported CSV file into MySQL Workbench and performed simple SQL queries to assess the data quality and determine which chocolate bars are worth buying according to experts’ ratings